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On 11 Aug 2011, in bmw, by Justin

Some German cars come with “bling”. For example, Audis have a rope of LED “Christmas lights” under the headlights. New BMWs these days come with bright pure white halos around the headlights. These provide a unique high-tech look and are often called “angel eyes”.

Angel eyes have changed over the years. BMWs that shipped back in 2005 (the year my car was built) have a much dimmer, yellowish halos as original equipment. Fortunately the aftermarket has stepped up to offer upgrades to our dim, yellow halos.

The first generation of angel eye upgrades were just as dim as BMW’s original equipment at about 1 Watt, but they changed the yellow halos to white.

The latest aftermarket halo upgrades are not only white, but much brighter than the original halo upgrades. They’re still not quite as bright as halos on a new BMW, perhaps, but not too shabby either.

Armed with the above information I went searching for a nice halo upgrade. Here’s what I found.

Where To Buy

I discovered that a company called MTEC offers an upgrade to pure white halos that are rated at 6W with their so-called “V3” model. The LEDs in these units are made by Cree. These halos are about as bright as you can get, currently, without some extensive modifications to the car.

You can pick up MTEC parts at various online resellers or directly off eBay. I went the eBay route by purchasing from a vendor named “mtecpower”. If you’re an e63/e64 BMW driver you can find the right angel eyes by clicking this eBay search link. Total price should be less than $200.

A Note About Installation

The nice thing about the MTEC upgrades is that they are really easy to do yourself. It took me about 15 minutes to swap out both halo lights, but if I had known what I was doing it would have literally taken about 5 minutes. The only price was some scuffed knuckles and a cut pinky finger. For a 6 series like mine the headlights themselves don’t need to be removed, only the halo bulbs.

Note that to perform the upgrade you have to have pretty small hands since the gap in the engine bay near the halo bulbs is pretty tight. My pudgy hands barely fit.

Here is a link to a YouTube video that shows how it’s done.

How It Looks

With no further ado, here is the new look that shows the difference…

New halo on left, OEM halo on right. Taken in late afternoon.

MTEC V3 halo upgrades installed in my car. Nice and bright!

Headlight lit along with upgraded halos. Note white halo color matches headlight now.

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  1. Boris says:

    hey Robert,
    I enjoyed reading your blog about Java and BMW. And your BMW looks awesome!!!
    I drive manual mini Cooper S with Sport package and dreaming getting one day BMW.
    This is the real machine!!

    I make living doing Java, SOA stuff… and cars and music my inspiration!.
    In women origin preferences we are on the same page as well

    Best of luck, reply if you feel IT!

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