BMW Angel Eyes

On 11 Aug 2011, in bmw, by Justin

Some German cars come with “bling”. For example, Audis have a rope of LED “Christmas lights” under the headlights. New BMWs these days come with bright pure white halos around the headlights. These provide a unique high-tech look and are often called “angel eyes”.

Angel eyes have changed over the years. BMWs that shipped back in 2005 (the year my car was built) have a much dimmer, yellowish halos as original equipment. Fortunately the aftermarket has stepped up to offer upgrades to our dim, yellow halos.

The first generation of angel eye upgrades were just as dim as BMW’s original equipment at about 1 Watt, but they changed the yellow halos to white.

The latest aftermarket halo upgrades are not only white, but much brighter than the original halo upgrades. They’re still not quite as bright as halos on a new BMW, perhaps, but not too shabby either.

Armed with the above information I went searching for a nice halo upgrade. Here’s what I found.

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