This article discusses how to clone a failing TiVo hard drive. It doesn’t cover how to upgrade a TiVo drive to a larger drive. It’s meant for people who have a TiVo with a failing hard drive who want to try to save the contents of their TiVo.

(Edit: This known to work for PC computers. According to Colin’s feedback in the comments section, these steps are confirmed to work for Mac Pro computers too — see Colin’s comment for more info.)

Before proceeding, I recommend that you have some basic familiarity with computers, configuring CMOS, and working with the command line before you try these steps. It’s not rocket science, but if you accidentally bork your hard drive, well, it’s not my fault. 🙂

Furthermore I assume that you’re already familiar with how to remove a TiVo drive and reinstall it, as well as how to install/remove hard drives in your PC, so I don’t cover that in this article. And always remember never boot Windows with TiVo drives attached — be sure you don’t accidentally boot into Windows after you’re finished with Linux.

When Good Drives Go Bad

About three months ago I upgraded my TiVo Premiere XL drive from 1TB to 2TB using a Western Digital WD20EARX drive. Unfortunately, in the past couple of weeks my WD20EARX upgrade drive started to fail the S.M.A.R.T. tests and began experiencing drive errors (e.g., glitches in recorded shows, spontaneous reboots, and other nasty stuff). I needed to clone it to a new drive before it failed altogether, and ideally preserve its contents and recover any errors along the way.

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