This post will help you set up Streambaby so it works on your Mac running Lion. You’ll see how to share your Mac’s Movies folder so you can easily view your videos on your big screen TV. To access Streambaby on your TiVo you will need a Tivo Premiere, TiVo Series 3, or TiVo HD. The installation and configuration process takes roughly 10 minutes.

First… What is Streambaby? Basically, Streambaby is a free application that works with your current model TiVo to stream video from your computer to your TiVo DVR. It automatically shows up in your TiVo’s menus when Streambaby is running on your Mac.

In other words, having Streambaby is like hosting your own Netflix service, but with all of your own personal videos. 🙂

Note the purpose of Streambaby is to stream rather than transfer your videos. Streambaby does not transfer video from your computer to your TiVo. (If you want to transfer videos from your computer to your TiVo then you’re looking for a different program called pyTivo.)

One of the things that makes Streambaby great is that you can store many terabytes of video on your Mac. With Streambaby your terabytes of video don’t consume valuable disk space on your TiVo itself, yet you can easily view the video anytime on any TiVo in your home. The video can be in any format supported by Streambaby and its dependent library, FFmpeg.

This post assumes you have basic familiarity with the command line, etc. This is a pretty safe procedure, but the standard disclaimers apply about messing up your computer etc. 🙂

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